Thursday, 11 February 2010

Yeah, I'm still alive....

Did anyone think I would come back here? I did almost forget my login email address and password ^_^

Anyway: I didn't update this blog cause I'm now blogging in German language. Yeah, my english sucks. But now I'm facing an english exam, and a bit of training for that couldn't be wrong, I guess. So maybe you'll read me here sometimes. But there really is a difference between the things you learn in a german school and what you need to write a english blog ^_^ I mean, I do read english manga and books, watch english dubbed anime, play english games...I understand pretty much everything. But expressing my thoughts in english - that's really difficult.

So don't expect too much from me. I won't update this as frequently as my other blog. Matsu's a lazy one.

(Dunno if anyone could understand what I've written above. But I hope so.)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Favourite music

(I´m quite bored now, so I´m posting stuff on my blog^^)

Here are some of my favourite songs of all times.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series

Do you know Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series? It´s a very funny Yu-Gi-oh parody. There are already 40 episodes released. Here´s the first one:

I used to watch every Yu-Gi-Oh episode a few years ago, and I also played the card game. I love this franchise. After watching this, maybe I´ll watch the original anime again ^_^

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I can´t wait....

I just visited a few clubs on MAL and searched a bit around. And I found out that a Sekirei game is just released in Japan! I love the Sekirei franchise, so this is an absolute must-buy for me. But I´ll wait a bit, maybe it is released in the USA later.

Wanna buy the game? I´ll do it when I get a credit card.

And the second game I found is Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love for Wii and PS2. It will even be released in the USA! ST is another franchise I really love.

Informations on IGN
Another Information
Sakura Taisen DS, another interesting game I want to have

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Formula One Season is over

My first blog entry about the Formula One. I know, this is not anime-related. But sports are my second-biggest interest (after anime/manga, of course), so I wanna write down my thoughts about some of this stuff.

So the season 2009 has finally come to an end. I think the right guy is World Champion. Button´s victory was well-deserved, unless Hamilton´s in the last year (I dislike McLaren so much since 2007, cant express it with words xD *Alonso fangirl*
). Congrats to the whole Brawn team. And to my compatriot Sebastian Vettel, too. I´m very excited about the next season, especially about who will drive for which team ^_^

Due to my limited knowledge of english, I don´t know what else to write^^ So I´ll show you some F1 vids I found on Youtube.

I know Youtube, the vids will be deleted in a few days...But anyway, here they are:

Friday, 30 October 2009


I just searched a bit around on Google, and found these figures. WANNA HAVE :P

Matsu, the perverted Sekirei (No, not me. My namesake ^_^)

The cutest anime guy ever: Itsuki Koizumi

Konata Izumi

Samurai Warriors 3 Promo Videos

One of my favourite games gets a sequel. But WHY is SW3 a Wii-only release? I don´t own a Wii, and I don´t want to buy one. But the trailers are very nice... The fighting-style of the girl with the whip-thingy looks good. I wanna play this game...Aww... Anyway, here are the trailers:

Cool, huh? I hope that KOEI will release the game later for the best console of this generation, the X360 *I´m a fangirl xD*